Summer Months are Upon Us - Keep Your Children Safe

With the summer months upon us and the children are out of school there are a few things that caregivers want to keep in the forefront of their mind. The most important being knowing where you children are, who they are with and what they are doing. It only takes a second to change a life. As a caregiver it is up to you to make the sometimes difficult decisions to keep your children safe.

Summer sun and humid temperatures have been the talk in our area - as well as the occasional rainy days. When your child is out in the hot weather make sure they have on sunscreen and have plenty of fluids to drink. This also is important for the elderly in our community. Staying cool and comfortable in the heat is also important for our moods. Outdoor activities are important when wanting to create a memorable summer but they can also be done in the evening time when it is a little cooler for everyone.

Most importantly have fun and strengthen the bonds with your family. Board games, playing cards and sharing highs and lows of your day is sometimes more important than you know.

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