Donations are always welcome especially in these very tough economic times. MCACPS has been adversely effected as state budgets have been slashed. Some federal funds are available for specific child welfare services but federal funds require local matching dollars. These funds are to help prevent out-of-home placement or to reunify a child with parents. All donations are tax deductible.

Donation opportunities:

Donations may be made without restrictions for their use or may be designated for a specific purpose.

Adopt-A-Child for Christmas

Muskingum County Adult and Child Protective Services in cooperation with community donations provide Christmas gifts for all of the children on our open case load, as well as many kin supported placements. The Adopt-A-Child fund also provides support to kids in foster care throughout the year with special occasion activities, participation fees, etc.

Avondale Children's Fund

The Avondale Children's Fund provides Christmas gifts during the season and is used during the year for special occasion needs for the children at Avondale Youth Center (AYC). Special occasion needs include but are not limited to prom dresses, uniforms as needed for youth who have part time jobs, athletic fees and supplies, etc.

Donations can also be made for a specific event or purchase. An individual or group may wish to pay for an outing as small as for ice cream, or as large as a weekend at Cedar Point or anything in between!

Donations can be sent to:

Muskingum County Adult and Child Protective Services, PO BOX 157, Zanesville, Ohio 43701.

Please specify if you want your donation to go to a specific fund. If you have any questions regarding donations - please call Candy Emmert at 740-455-6710.

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