What is Abuse and Neglect?

Physical abuse: Bruises, marks, cuts, or other types of injuries resulting from non-accidental means including excessive or out-of-control discipline.

Neglect: Failure to provide a child with the basic needs such as food, medical care, clothing, and protection that a child needs for adequate growth development.

Emotional abuse: Consistent and ongoing negative interaction between a caregiver and a child such as constant and undue criticism, verbal abuse, ignoring the mental needs of a child, and other forms of rejection.

Sexual abuse: Sexual activity or stimulation between an adult and a child (ranging from fondling to rape). This may also include child pornography and exposing children to situations of a sexual nature. Sexual abuse may also occur between juveniles depending on the ages and the sexual behavior.

Dependency: Involves a child being homeless, destitute, or without adequate parental/caregiver care through no fault of the child's parents or caregiver.

Learn how to Report Abuse and Neglect!

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